A brochure with high quality laminated art paper cover will be published in multicolor photo offset process. The brochure will be widely circulated to worldwide maritime related companies and individuals.


The rates for the advertisements in the brochure are as below:


    Indian Registered Co.   Overseas Registered Co
  Back Cover page   ₹   2,00,000*   US $ 3200*
  Front Inside Cover   ₹   1,50,000*   US $ 2400*
  Back Inside Cover   ₹   1,50,000*   US $ 2400*
  Double Spread   ₹   1,50,000*   US $ 2400*
  Full Page   ₹   1,00,000*   US $ 1600*

  Benefit: Each full-page advertiser will be entitled to complimentary invitation to the Conference for one delegate.

.* Goods & Service Tax shall be additionally charged as applicable.

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